Your Visit

A few pointers prior to your visit

What do I need to do before my appointment?

It’s not unusual for cats and dogs to hide their lameness when they are in strange surroundings such as a vet clinic. It can be helpful therefore to use your phone to film your pet when they are lame, and bring this with you to the appointment. Ideally please film your pet walking away from the camera, walking towards the camera and from the side. Footage when they are walking and trotting is helpful. If they are only lame at a specific time, for example when they first get out of bed, then try to capture this too.

We will request a copy of your pet’s history and any x-rays from your GP vet. Please bring with you any medication your pet is on and a claim form and copy of your policy if you have pet insurance. If your pet is on a specific diet that it is essential they remain on, then please bring some with you. Please note, however, that we are unable to accept raw diets into the clinic.

Finally, please do not feed your pet in the 6 hours before the appointment, just in case there is a need for sedation or anaesthesia.

How do I get to Moores Ortho?

The practice is located in the beautiful village of Upton Grey, just a short distance from junctions 5 and 6 of the M3.

Unit 2 Hills Barn, Manor Farm Yard
Upton Grey
RG25 2RQ

You will find us on Google and Apple Maps and our What3Words is dunes.sprain.should

The nearest rail stations are Hook (4.5 miles) and Basingstoke (6 miles). Let us know if you would like help with a taxi.

Cat playing with a red ball.

What to expect

One of our specialist surgeons will review your pet’s history and any x-rays that have been taken already. We will ask you questions such as how and when the problems started, has it been improving or getting worse and what exercise your pet does. We will assess your pet walking and then perform a physical examination. We will do our best to keep this as gentle and stress-free as possible for your pet.

Following a thorough review of your pet’s condition we will advise you on the options for treating your pet, or if any further investigations are needed first. An estimate for these costs will be provided. If x-rays or a CT scan are needed then we will most likely perform these on the same day as your appointment. Your pet will need to be sedated for these tests and you may need to leave them with us for an hour or two. The lovely village shop just a short walk from the clinic serves coffee and cake if you do need to wait around for your pet’s procedure. 

If your pet needs non-urgent surgery then this will be scheduled for the next available surgery day.

After Surgery

Most pets are discharged the same day or the following day after surgery. We will ensure you have any pain killers and other medications your pet will need and we will provide detailed instructions for looking after your pet.

Most surgical wounds are closed with buried and dissolvable suture material, so there are usually no stitches to be removed. We will keep your local GP vet up-to-date with your pet’s treatment and may ask them to check the wound at around 8-10 days after surgery. For most surgeries we will arrange a follow-up appointment at The Moores Orthopaedic Clinic at around 6 weeks after surgery to assess your pet’s progress.

We often recommend physiotherapy after surgery and we can advise on suitable centres for this. We work closely  with a number of rehabilitation clinics including our neighbours, Burnside Animal Rehabilitation.

Brown dog in a field looking at the camera.