Total Hip Replacement for Cats and Dogs

What is total hip
replacement surgery?

Advanced surgery to eliminate pain and restore mobility

Total hip replacement (THR) involves removing your pet’s diseased hip joint and replacing it with a metal head and plastic/metal socket. By replacing an injured or diseased hip we can help pets live a normal life without joint pain. Total hip replacement is most commonly performed in dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis, but it is also sometimes performed after fractures and other injuries to the hip and it can even be performed in cats. Andy Moores is a very experienced THR surgeon, having performed hundreds of these surgeries.

The surgery is recommended for pets with painful hips that have not responded to other treatments. Most pets will make a full recovery and have a much better quality of life free from hip pain. Owners often comment how much happier their pet seems after surgery. You can read more about THR in Andy’s blog.

For your peace of mind routine THR is a fixed-price which includes the initial assessment and x-rays and post-surgery support from our team. Furthermore we are so confident of our surgical success rates that we offer a surgical guarantee after routine THR surgery: in the unlikely event your dog suffers a complication after surgery we will manage this free-of-charge (T&Cs apply). We do not know of any other specialist centre in the south east that offers such good value.

Routine THR: £6,500 – £7,800 (see our Prices page for more details)

Black labrador with an icon over its hip for Total Hip Replacement.

At the Moores Orthopaedic Clinic we can offer:

  • Expert assessment of your pet to ensure THR is right for them
  • A highly experienced surgeon who has performed hundreds of total hip replacements
  • If we do not think your pet will benefit from surgery then we will happily advise you of this
  • A purpose-built modern clinic with advanced facilities, designed to minimise the risk of complications
  • Detailed aftercare instructions and support during recovery
  • Personal and professional service
  • Very competitive pricing and a surgical guarantee
dog total hip replacement

What can you expect before and after surgery

At your initial appointment we will review your local vet’s history and any x-rays, and thoroughly assess your pet. We will advise you on treatment options and costs, whether this be THR or another treatment. If we are going to proceed with hip replacement then we may need to take more x-rays for surgical planning. A surgery date can then be scheduled.

After surgery, your pet will go home with a detailed postoperative care plan and any necessary medications.

Limitations in activity are essential, especially within the first eight weeks. These will be detailed on the postoperative care plan. We will always be available for advice if you need us and we will ask you to return to the clinic to check on your pet’s recovery and progress.

After recovery, most dogs can expect a return to full fitness free from pain, but it will take a few months at least to get back to full activity


11 months after her total hip replacement


How much is a total hip replacement for a dog?

THR is a technical procedure requiring specialist expertise, equipment and implants, and the price reflects this. Our pricing however is very competitive compared to other centres. To help with your financial planning THR surgery is a fixed-cost procedure.

How long does it take for a dog to recover from hip surgery?

Most dogs are walking on the operated leg as soon as the day after surgery, but they need to be restricted to maximise their chances of an uncomplicated recovery. For the first eight weeks we will advise little more than toilet walks only, but after this period gradually increasing lead walks are started. Running, jumping and stairs must be avoided. Most dogs are starting off-lead activity 3-4 months after surgery. Recovery is a slow process but the results for most dogs will make THR surgery very worthwhile.

How successful is total hip replacement in dogs?

In most instances, cats and dogs will recover to a much higher level of comfort and activity than before their total hip replacement surgery. Owners also often comment on how much happier their pet is after surgery.

Is total hip replacement surgery covered by my insurance?

Almost certainly yes, but do check your policy carefully in case there are any exclusions or limits on cover. Some insurance policies will limit how much they pay-out for surgery. If you are unsure about your level of cover then please let us know and we can investigate this for you.

Is total hip replacement a major surgery?

Yes, this is a major orthopaedic procedure and complications can occur. However, our team are very experienced in performing total hip replacement surgery. Furthermore, our modern clinic has been designed to minimise the risk of complications. The filtered ventilation system in our surgical suite, for example, meets the requirements for a human operating theatre and is designed to minimise the risk of infection, one of the most serious complications after total hip replacement.

What age can a dog have a hip replacement?

We generally prefer to wait until a dog is at least 10 months old before considering a total hip replacement, although in exceptional circumstances we can perform surgery in younger patients.

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