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  • RCVS Specialist surgeons and specialist facilities
  • Fixed-price fees for most surgeries
  • A unique surgical guarantee after our most common procedures
  • 24/7 post-surgery support from our specialist team
  • Free post-surgery check up (x-rays may be charged for)
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Price List

All fixed-price procedure fees include the initial consultation with an RCVS Specialist surgeon and x-rays, the surgery visit, the first 10 days of post-surgery medication, 24-7 support from our specialist team after surgery and routine post-surgery follow-up appointment. Prices inclusive of VAT.

In-person or remote consultation with a RCVS Specialist Surgeon £200
TPLO < 40kg £4,200
TPLO 40-60kg £4,600
TPLO > 60kg £5,200
Bilateral TPLO < 40kg £6,400
Bilateral TPLO 40-60kg £6,800
Single elbow arthroscopy (includes CT scan) £4,000
Bilateral elbow arthroscopy (includes CT scan) £4,500
Patella luxation <20 kg £3,750
Patella luxation 20-40kg £4,000
Patella luxation > 40kg £4,500
Patella luxation with DFO £5,000
Bilateral patella luxation < 20kg £5,400
Routine total hip replacement £7,000
Complex total hip replacement, from… £7,600
Femoral head and neck excision £3,400
Hip luxation/dislocation (toggle procedure) £4,000
HIF (IOHC) screw (includes CT) £4,000
Bilateral HIF screws (includes CT) £4,800
Arthrodesis (carpal/tarsal) £5,000
Basic fracture (pin/wire) £3,500
Moderate fracture (plate/screws) £4,000 –  £4,500
Complex fracture (e.g. humeral Y fracture) £5,000 – £6,000

We are so confident of our low complication rate we offer a surgical guarantee for routine TPLO, patella surgery, elbow arthroscopy and THR surgery. Full details available here.

Prices correct 1st September 2023

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